Our goal is to make your visit as pleasant and comfortable as possible

One of the best ways to prepare for surgery is to make sure you understand the decisions being made about your care. Please read the information on the following pages prior to your arrival at our center.


Deciding to have an elective joint replacement is the first step towards getting you back to your active lifestyle. With advances in surgical and anesthesia techniques, joint replacements can now safely be performed in an outpatient setting, allowing you to return to the comfort of your own home for recovery. We offer a Personal Case Manager who will be your personal guide every step of the way – tailoring our program to your individual needs and making sure you are prepared for a successful recovery. Post-surgery, your care and rehabilitation will continue at home, with your physical therapist conveniently coming to you.

We know that joint replacement surgery is a big decision. That’s why we’ve created a coordinated and personalized program so you can focus on what’s really important – your recovery.

The Outpatient Advantage: